Re: amps/tone

I agree with all the posts so far. I play through the PA frequently and
through an amp about 40% of the time. It's all what you prefer. I personally
think that the reason the old "tone" is frequently better than todays,
musicians didn't have many options back then. They just took what they had
and MADE it work! The result was chops and "tone" to die for. I have made an
oath to myself to make do with what I have got before I bring any more
weight onto my shoulders. So I'm going through the PA and my 1 amp.

My "Rig"

- - House PA 60% of the gigs

- - A 70's Dean Markley Spectra 2x12 amp (with 4 6L6's & 4 12AX7's tubes)

- - An old shure dispatch mic (Harmonica John special)

- - A Green Bullet with on/off switch, 14" barrel jack and a crystal element

- - Old Shure 565 pistol grip mic

Once I get the maximum tone and performance out of what I have, I may buy
new stuff. But I have a mind to sell all my stuff and just buy an old tube
PA right now (that's all I feel like I need).

PS: I now play the Super Sport 20 by Hot Rod Harps (you can pay me now Tim?)

Vince Cheney

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