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Bob Maglinte schrieb:

> (...)all you guys that are
> so damned hung up on gear should really be HONING your chops, because going
> crazy about gear is nothing short of being an extremely POOR excuse for not
> honing your chops!!!!!

Hi Bob,

I don't think that this is a question of one against the other. And I am
not sure, if all the so called "gearheads" are people who don't have
their chops down.

I am trying to do both: improving my chops and using the gear
(harmonicas, microphones, effects, amp [yes I do possess only one
amplifier plus I use sometimes the small solid state practicing amp of
my wife] ) to obtain the sound that I am looking for. Both parts are
very important IMO. No matter how one thinks what's more important, be
it in a relation of 80% to 20% (what Mike Curtis says) or 60% to 40% or
even 99% to 1%. This one % could be the "Big Point" that makes the
difference between a "good" or a "very good" result.

I'm quite sure that you know exactly the reasons why you are using a
Bassman. :-)

I imagine what could have happened, if someone had given your advice to
Mr. Marion Walter Jacobs 55 years ago - and it causes me nightmares:
harp-l would be a 20 people discussion group about a stringed
instrument, in best case the harmonica was something to make background
noise in "Sesame Street", and in my house there were just guitars and
synthies and not one harp. Like I said: a horrible nightmare. But maybe
it was not as worse as the above scenario: some extremists like Donovan,
Bob Dylan or Neil Young could have saved the memory for the harmonica
and I would be the proud owner of an old Hohner Blues Harp, but just


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