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Date: Thu, 23 Jan 2003 00:37:46 -0500
From: "Robert Paparozzi" <chromboy@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: Gemini Ampeg amps

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    Hi Buddy, a great find, the Ampeg Gemini series are good harp
amps =
as are the Jets are their Rockets (smaller amps).....

     When I was learning back in the late 1960's, my two older
brothers =
worked at the Ampeg Factory in Linden NJ, they got great deals and
I =
tried my Harps thru  just about all their models.....I liked the
Gemini =
series best for Harp.

     If you need any service or tweaking, I would suggest bringing
the =
Amp to Rondo Music on Rt.22 in Union NJ
Ask for Sal, he's a liitle old Italian guy who runs the service =
dept......Sal used to be the head tech at Ampeg back in the 60's &
70's =
and still has lots of the original parts etc....tell him the
Paparozzi =
Brothers sent ya!,-)))) good luck and enjoy your new find.....your
friend in NJ rob paparozzi
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     I just Bought a Gemini 1 Ampeg amp, Model G12. Appreciate any
information from anyone owning one. Harp sounds great through it.
It =
looks to be about 40 years old. Picked it up for $175 (good
buy?).The =
amp plays well looks decent. Has a 12" speaker that seems not to
be the =
original (no identification marks). Two channels. One works the
bass, =
treble, vibrato/intensity/speed and the echo. Two is just
volume,bass, =
and treble. There are two plugs for each channel. One for guitar
and one =
for the accordian on each channel (four inputs). I really like the
accordian plugs.=20

      What year is this amp approximately from? And, can I  change
the =
12ax7 tubes with au's or ay's?=20
     The tubes left to right are:=20
    7591 7591 7199 12ax7 12ax7 6cg7 12ax7=20
    Should I go for a whole new set of tubes? Also, the amp has a
wax =
tranformer. Should I just leave it alone?=20

   I am hoping to get this amp singing real nice, since it seems
to have =
the capacity to be a great harp amp. Any information or help would
be =
greatly appreciated.=20

                                     Best of everything,=20

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