Re: Blues Brothers 2000

Very true. Shame the movie is a complete ripoff of the first one...

Also, I felt cheated at the ending. 25 blues musicians playing together is
lousy, no matter how stear they may be...

I would have bought the soundtrack though if Taj's A Capella verison of
Johnthe Revelator had been on it, but alas it was not...

Ben FELTEN, Editor

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> There's some excellent harp on the Blues Brother 2000 album. It's nice to
> hear John Popper playing outside of Blues Travelers. Nice tasty harp, a
> little busy, but never ever detracting from the song. I like how his high
> notes almost sound like a flute. He's a class muscian. Jr Wells and
> Musselwhite aren't too bad either.
> Rainbow Jimmy
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