I think it's funny that this list can turn ~How Does A
Harp Student Aquire Good Acoustic Tone~ into a
controversial thread. What makes you so quick on the
trigger? I'm following this thread pretty closely
[writing a book] and I know nobody dissed ALSO working
on amp tone [I own about 20 amps]until the defenders
brought it up. I know NO one [but the ones now writing
long- or pithily titled- letters to champion a defense
against it] mentioned that we must be dogmatic- or all
have the same standards [but, jeez louise, can we have
a conversation you moralists don't approve of??? You'd
be the first to whine if anyone else moralized]
<With this said I would like to add that it seems 
<a great waste of an important subject to 
<continually dismiss the questions of 
<amp tone with the the "great tone is developed
<through ?" dialogue that has become so 
<redundant on this list.
- ---
No one dismissed amp tone before you brought it up-
though it is another flame-magnet subject
- ---
<From: Douglas Tate <dougtate@xxxxxxxxx>
<Subject: Re: Absolutes (was Tone)
- ----
Why is seeking good tone necessarily seeking
absolutes? Can you not just allow that we all know
what we mean by ~good~ and ~bad~?
- ---
THE tone is a myth.

YOUR sound is real.
- -----

What is that? A German bumper sticker? Talk about
Sloganism: ~Sound is Real???~ ~Tone is myth~???  A
quest for tone is a quest for absolutes???? What is
all this baiting, limiting, pseudo-philosophical
censorship???? Am I really the only one this bothers!?
[if so, I will really really drop it cold]

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