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> <<that it seems a great waste of an=20
> important subject to continually dismiss the questions of amp tone with=20
> the the "great tone is developed through =E2=80=A6" dialogue that has beco=
me so=20
> redundant on this list.  Yes this is true but given a specific level of=20
> tone the amplification of this tone then becomes the issue. Why is it=20
> that this subject always has to be bashed by the "great tone is=20
> developed through=E2=80=A6" argument. If you do not have a substantive rep=
> why doesn't one just not reply to these specific questions regarding =20
> "amp tone"?  I guess I for one would love to hear the opinions of this=20
> very subject. So how about it?>>

I couldn't agree with you more nor have stated it better.  This is an=20
important discussion topic on its own merits.  Rod and Kim apparently think=20
so.  They seem to want that +/- 20% and go to great lengths to find it. =20
Custom mic, custom amp, tweaked harps.......

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