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> Hi,
> And, HELLO!!!!!!! I am one of those who do! If someone with tone spare like
> Big Walter Horton got GREAT tone on the "Fine Cuts," recording, playing
> straight into board, or when I saw the late, great Howling Wolf, who IMHO,
> had the NASTIEST harp tone of any blues harmonica player, bar none, and he
> ALWAYS played thru the PA, it says right upfront that all you guys that are
> so damned hung up on gear should really be HONING your chops, because going
> crazy about gear is nothing short of being an extremely POOR excuse for not
> honing your chops!!!!!
> Sincerely,
> Barbeque Bob Maglinte
> Boston, MA
> The Proud Owner of a REAL '59 Bassman for nearly 20 years!!

Here, Here ! 


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