amps and tone

A Lee Oskar, 80s Green Bullet, through a 40s Champ(metal tubes)-awesome 
sound-wild raucous distortion, great for hard rock. Octaves scream. Way too 
nice an amp to take on the road. 

A Lee Oskar, through a 60s Unisphere mic, into a Blackface Fender Pro 
Reverb, also an extremely cool sound, warm clear, well defined. More 
bass.Very nice for melodica and chromatic. 

A Lee Oskar through a Green Bullet into a 1968 silverface Bassman head and a 
Fender 15 inch speaker cabinet-nice clean loud, and doubles as a keyboard 
amp as well. 

For recording-acoustic, the CAD large diaphram mics with a pop filter-very 
pretty.I'm not sure, I need to spend a little time with it, but I'm 
beginning to like the Hoehners better for acoustic work. 

For recording electric-stick a Shure SM 57 right smack in the middle of the 
Fender Champ. 

I usually play dry, but a little tape slap back echo can be fun. 

If your tone sucks, your amplified tone will still suck, but be louder. This 
may not improve your sound, but it can be a lot more fun. 

Rainbow Jimmy 

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