Re: Amps/tone

Howlin' Wolf, Iron Man Mike, Little Walter and on and on all have or 
have had control of the room they are playing in (due their reputation, 
stature, regularity of presence, or decent sound-man). A good PA with 
the right settings can be extremely effective. Certainly you have room 
penetration and depth of sound. Frequently when one is a jammer or 
sideman this will or may not be the case. An amplifier can bring you 
some independence of sound control. I prefer the sound of an amp mic'ed 
no matter the size or brand of  the amp for this reason.

With this said I would like to add that it seems a great waste of an 
important subject to continually dismiss the questions of amp tone with 
the the "great tone is developed through ?" dialogue that has become so 
redundant on this list.  Yes this is true but given a specific level of 
tone the amplification of this tone then becomes the issue. Why is it 
that this subject always has to be bashed by the "great tone is 
developed through?" argument. If you do not have a substantive reply, 
why doesn't one just not reply to these specific questions regarding  
"amp tone"?  I guess I for one would love to hear the opinions of this 
very subject. So how about it?

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