Re: If you've broken a reed

>Hello, just curious. As an intermediate harmonica player: If I break a reed
>on a hard-played note, will it snap inside, making an audible noise, or will
>it just not function?
>Thanks a lot.

  Sometimes a reed will break off (usually near the "boss") and you will
then have a small sliver of brass which is not unlike a chisel. IF you are
on the draw note it could wind up in your mouth. In extreme cases it can
wind up in near the back of your tongue. The resultant feeling will be a
sort of gagging sensation one gets if a piece of popcorn husk gets stuck in
the throat.
  Because the reed is flat, it will tend to stick to some surface within
the mouth.

  IF you happen to be on a blow note, it will hit the cover plate, and
usually bounce out the back of the harp. No, you won't hear a noise. Your
first indication will depend on the direction of breath travel. IF a blow,
just a gushing of air on that reed space. IF a draw, "Hmm, something is
stuck in my mouth"........smokey-joe

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