Last Minute Gig Alert

Howdy all, just your friendly list lurker dropping y'all a line to let you know that my band (the Second Street Hustlers) will be playing at the 400 Bar in Minneapolis. We're on the bill with two other bands; I believe that the other two bands have nothing whatsoever to do with blues. :) Our band, however, plays some blues, some R&B, and some surprises--come check us out! We start at 9pm and I believe there may be a cover charge. I'll be playin' harp and doing some singing, and you can feel free to come talk to me after our set.

If you have any further questions, please e-mail hustlerblues@xxxxxxxxx -- I don't check this address too regularly. :)

Happy Harpin!

Stephen K.
2nd Street Hustlers-Harp/Vocals

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