Absolutes (was Tone)

  When considering words like good and bad, we should also consider ugly,
Wah-Wah-Wah. Even though the English dictionary is the "fattest" to be had
and there are a Bazillion words therein, it's STILL hard to find the
explatives we want sometimes.

  One such word is ABSOULUTE. Consider this; there are NO absolutes.
1.   Diamond (Clarity)...There is NO absolutely clear stone. The clarity
ranges from
     A-B, C-D, E-F, and so on up to industrial grades (P and above), BUT,
no A has been
     found. It's merely there as a "Base".
2.   Diamond (Color)...There is NO absolutely colorless stone. ALL will
have a trace of
3.   Diamond (absolutely flawless)...nope
4.   Gold (24 Karat)...nope, no absolutely pure gold
5.   Silver (pure)...nope, no-one had had the nerve to assay anything above
6.   Pure Food & Drug...nope. Pharmeceutical grade depends on the drug (or
     It can vary widely between 89% and 96.3%. Naturally the more dangerous
the item IS,
     (especially in small amounts), the greater the standard it is held to.
7.   Absolute Zero. the point at which all molecular activity stops...only
found math-
8.   Even that famous benchmark which has long been used to delineate
purity (IVORY SNOW),
     is not absolutely pure, BUT merely 99 44/100%.

  I (it's just me) feel that there are no absolutes to the harmomica. It
hasn't been fully
tested. Every day new things are discovered and THAT's what makes it so
  I'm absolutely sure(?) however, that there are some absolute genius' on
the list, and
since I am way out of your class, I'll just sit back and enjoy.

  Remember, "Don't play harmonica........let it play

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