In Search of Magic Dick


Just revisited J. Geils band CD 'Full House.' SURGEON GENERAL'S WARNING:
"Listening to this CD when driving may lead to excessive speeding."
Getting into this classic caused me to do a little research, ended up
reading an old web-based review of Magic Dick's band Bluestime. An

"Magic Dick hadn't played out much since the end of the J. Geils Band in
1984, consumed with creating his own line of harmonicas with
partner/inventor Pierre Beauregard...<snip>...For the Bluestime recordings
<snip> Magic Dick plays Marine Band chromatic harmonicas and his own Magic

Several questions.

1) Is the reference to "Marine Band chromatic harmonicas" a journalistic
flaw? Or does Hoener really make a chromatic with the Marine Band name?

2) Does anyone know what Magic Dick is up to in 2003? The two Bluestime
CDs from the 90's are wonderful (IMHO), would love to pick up a new one. 

3) Has anyone tried the "Magic" harmonicas? I don't see them mentioned
much on the L, or the rest of the web for that matter, so I'm wondering if
they are even still available. Are/Were they any good? 

4) I don't see too many threads on the L about Mr. Dick (or is that Mr.
Magic Dick?), just wondering about his place in harmonica history,,,,does
anyone hold him in as high of regard as I do (which is pretty far up the

Whammin' and-a Jammin' along,
Mike Due

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