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> Ever notice that it's the guys that own REAL 59 Bassman amps that are
> trying to tell you that the equipment doesn't matter?  fjm
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And, HELLO!!!!!!! I am one of those who do! If someone with tone spare like
Big Walter Horton got GREAT tone on the "Fine Cuts," recording, playing
straight into board, or when I saw the late, great Howling Wolf, who IMHO,
had the NASTIEST harp tone of any blues harmonica player, bar none, and he
ALWAYS played thru the PA, it says right upfront that all you guys that are
so damned hung up on gear should really be HONING your chops, because going
crazy about gear is nothing short of being an extremely POOR excuse for not
honing your chops!!!!!

Barbeque Bob Maglinte
Boston, MA
The Proud Owner of a REAL '59 Bassman for nearly 20 years!!

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