RE: Factors determining big, fat, smooth tone in acoustic harmonica (was: TONE)

Mr. Ross said,

> <When I hear someone say "they have great
> <tone" someone else can say "they have
> <horrible tone" and we can both be right,
> <because we both are right: for ourselves.

To which Robb Bingham said:

> You think so? Okay. I leave you to it. ...I find all kinds
> of situations where a judgment can, and should,
> be made.

Robb, I agree -

I think ANYONE who plays (harmonica, for instance) could discern between
CONTEXTUALLY great tone & s**t tone.
And, I mean the tone the artist produces with his instrument - not what the
producer &/or engineer does to his SOUND.
Maybe we'd have a difference of opinion about great & super-great, or shades
of goodness or awfulness, but really - can't we at least differentiate
between GOOD & BAD?

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