Re: Turblolid design

Michelle LeFree wrote:

> I understand the math Sam, but I'd like to know how you explain the
> apparently unanimous opinion that Turbolids enhance resonance?

I have never heard a Turbolided harp so I don't really know what the
opinions are referring to.

But, I do know that the shape of the cavity inside the mouth has a strong
effect on the sound.  Mouth cavities aren't as big as trombones either yet
they change the reed resonance frequency.  So there are other ways to change
harmonica sounds than acoustic resonance.  Maybe the turbolid does
contribute to the overall sound.

Then again when I'm cupping a harmonica with my hands I don't make the cup
bigger for low notes than high notes.

I really don't know how this works but I believe that harmonica cover shape
and material don't matter much to the sound.  I can get the same sound out
of a harp without covers as one with them.  You can't get the same sound out
of a trombone without resonant tube (that would be just the mouth piece) as
one with one.


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