Re: Toots on Letterman: Thanks Bobbie!

BBB wrote:
>I think we've all run into that. Once you get outside harmonica circles, you
>find yourself being praised like a talking dog. They're not so much impressed
>that you spoke well, but that you could speak at all. "Wow, this guy can play 
>XYZ on a *HARMONICA*! Isn't that amazing!"

I remember when I was about 15 years old I was in a record store (remember 
those?) with some friends, and they were playing J. Geils Band's "Full House - 
Live" on the stereo.  When "Whammer Jammer" came on, one of my friends told the 
guy working there (a college student), "He can play that", and the guy 
said "REALLY!? He plays guitar?!".  

Harp players don't get no respect.  

- -tim

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