RE: Turbolid leakage

When I mentioned my problem with Turbolid leakage, Lenny Henderson replied:
> You may have either a defective lid or it is not
> fitted properly.  While I can get mine to leak a very
> little it dosen't hurt performance at all.  To get any
> noticable amount of leakage I have to cover the back
> of the harp as I play a totally covered harp.  A
> gasket at the front of the comb might help say
> silacone or medical tape.  If it's defective Turbodog
> will make it good for you.

Lenny, my problem isn't isolated to one Turbolid.  I have three Turbolids
and I've tried them on several different harps (combs).  Same problem.  And,
I did try applying several layers of micropore to the reed plates where the
'lids meet just inside the "lip" of the combs.  It helped, but didn't solve
the problem completely. Apparently, I'm much more sensitive to leakage than
other more satisfied Turbolid users.

Anyhow, thanks for the advice, Lenny.


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