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on 1/21/2003 7:22 AM, Mojo Red at harplicks@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

> --- John Frazer <harmonicajohns@xxxxxxx> wrote:
>> I hope to become more masterful each
>> day/week/month/year. The more I play,
>> the easier it is to play things that hint towards
>> mastery.
>> For a lot of years, I thought I was a really
>> great harmonica player. Then I
>> heard Kim Wilson, Rick Estrin, Paul Delay, Jerry
>> Portnoy, Mark Hummel. I
>> learned to play the harmonica more in the last 5
>> years than I did in the
>> previous 27. The less I play "riffs" and "runs"
>> the more musical I become.....
>> hj
> Hi John,
> Boy oh boy... I can certainly relate to your post.
> I too carried a harp ego until I heard a ~real~
> player kick ass in a live situation. Very humbling
> indeed. 
> I too have learned more in the last several years
> than I have in a lifetime of foolin' with our
> instrument. Much of that knowledge came from the
> good folks on this list.
> And as you know, I've heard ~you~ play, and even
> shared the stage with you one memorable evening
> (remember how great Black Night came off?).

That was a lot of fun. BTW, thanks for the guitar player. How is the group
> You're one of Harp-L's Harp Monsters in my eyes.

Should I have titled the post "on Monstery" ?

> I love your tone and tasty musicality, especially
> with blues numbers. It's good to hear that your
> thoughts on learning coincide so closely with mine.
> I know a lot about harp, but also know that I don't
> know very much at all.

Thank you, Ken for the wonderful compliments. I may have to frame that.

> To me, "mastery" is a process rather than a goal.

I think that is my point as well. Every time you think you have it licked,
there is something new to learn. If you don't learn it, someone else will.

> I really don't think I'll ever get to a point where I
> can say I've "mastered" the harp. I feel much more
> like I serve it... and happily so.
> Stay well!
> Harpin' in Colorado,
> --Ken M.

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