Lucy Gault

Lev said:

William Trevor

It's not a mystery, not a thriller, yet its both mysterious and
thrilling.  In tumultuous 1921 Ireland, an Irish landowner with an
English wife get ready to flee the threat of their home being burned
down.  Their 7-year-old duaghter Lucy doesn't want to go and runs
away.  Through a terrible set of circumstances, she is presumed
dead, and grief-stricken, they wind up wandering through Europe,
completely out of touch with everyone they once knew.  But Lucy
isn't dead, and what happens to all of them makes for a quietly
stunning novel about the role of chance and guilt in our lives.  I
could not put this down!"

I too read this recently, and second his thoughts.  Reminded me of 
JC Oates, in that it was relentlessly depressing, a classical kind
of tragedy.  Like watching a train wreck in slow motion, horrible
and yet so fascinating you must watch in horror.

Trevor is a GREAT writer.  He's a good example of a 
writer who seems to know when to shut up - delete, delete,
delete - edit, edit, edit - Oooh, that Lev has good taste.

Best from       Nick Danger  -  Third Eye

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