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  I pulled out Walter Horton's "Fine Cuts" CD to practice with. This CD for
me has a lifetime of lessons built right in. I use to practice to it ALL the
time years ago. An instruemental called "Relax'in" was one of my favorites
and i must have heard it a 1000 times. I always would play along in 2nd
position (F harp)  because the tune is in C. I couldn't get all the chords
Mr. Horton was getting and I thought it was my lack of tone. Well tonight I
"discover" Walter is playing in third position (Bb). I can't beleive I never
heard the correct position after all these years. The same goes for a few
other tunes on this CD. It seems Walter likes 3rd  position. Never too old
to learn something. A humbling practice.

  By the way I will be playing at the High St. Brewery in Nutley, N.J. on
Sat. Feb. 1st. If any one is in the neighborhood and can attend I would be
happy to buy them a slice of pizza.

                      Best of everything,

>From John Nicholas, the guitar player on that session, who used to have a
band up here for years called John Nicholas & The Rhythm Rockers before he
permanently moved to Texas told me that Walter didn't use an amp for this
session, and played straight through the board. Now for all of you out there
that are so damned hung up on gear and the "alleged" tone it's supposed to
give you, listen to this recording and take note of Walter's tonal color
variety, control, and dynamics, and goes to show you that if the chops are
together ACOUSTICALLY, it ain 't gonna matter what the heck the rig is. As
much as I enjoy having a nice rig, too many of you out there are FAR too
hung up on the rigs, thinking it's the cure all for everything except
getting your chops together.

Barbeque Bob Maglinte
Boston, MA

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