RE: tone and walter horton

Walter Horton is one of my absolute favorites. Not just for his tone (which
is truly enormous) or for his phrasing (which I try to imitate in my own
way), but especially for his ability to back a vocalist while the vocalist
is singing.

I personally don't like the idea (which I've heard many people promote) that
a harp player should only do fills between vocal phrasing. Since the harp is
a very "vocal" like instrument, I think the fear is that it will compete
with the vocals. I really enjoy when a harp player plays simultaneously with
the vocalist, and I don't just mean vamping in the background (though I like
that too). In my opinion, Big Walter was the master at interesting vocal
accompaniment. Check out his recordings backing Johnny Young and Johnny
Shines on "Chicago The Blues Today vol 3." The movement he creates is always
interesting and , in my opinion, never detracts from the vocals.

 My 2 cents.

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