Kick in the head position mistake


   I pulled out Walter Horton's "Fine Cuts" CD to practice with. This CD for 
me has a lifetime of lessons built right in. I use to practice to it ALL the 
time years ago. An instruemental called "Relax'in" was one of my favorites 
and i must have heard it a 1000 times. I always would play along in 2nd 
position (F harp)  because the tune is in C. I couldn't get all the chords 
Mr. Horton was getting and I thought it was my lack of tone. Well tonight I 
"discover" Walter is playing in third position (Bb). I can't beleive I never 
heard the correct position after all these years. The same goes for a few 
other tunes on this CD. It seems Walter likes 3rd  position. Never too old to 
learn something. A humbling practice. 

   By the way I will be playing at the High St. Brewery in Nutley, N.J. on 
Sat. Feb. 1st. If any one is in the neighborhood and can attend I would be 
happy to buy them a slice of pizza.

                       Best of everything,

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