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> Hi Dave,
> I really like "Now You Can Talk About Me." It
> features a whole bunch of Smith's killer chromatic
> work. Rod Piazza produced this and he and George
> play together on one cut. Excellent!
> Another good one, with tons of 3rd position
> diatonic work is a CD called "Harmonica Ace".
> Great stuff!
> Harpin' in Colorado,
> --Ken M.
I'd also get "....Of the Blues," which was originalltyt on ABC/Bluesway, and
has been recently reissued. It contains IMHO the single finest moment of
George on record, a tune called, "Blues For Reverend King." I'll never
forget the first time I heard it after buying it in a cut out bin in 1974,
and I had NEVER heard blues played on a chromatic like he did on that tune,
and I still get chills from hearing him playing that tune!

Barbeque Bob Maglinte
Boston, MA

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