hi gang,

I just got this email from dick gardner. Toots is on tv tonight.

Tune in, and tape it.

I hope they give him some air time playing our beloved instrument.

peace and harps,

randy singer
- -------------

Dick D Gardner wrote:

>Hi Randy,
>Thanks, I needed that!  As it turns out, things are easing up a tad. I
>finally got some kind of handle on the chestpain thing, which makes it a
>bit easier on all fronts. My phone rang just now....Toots Called from the
>rehearsal of David Letterman's show. He's in the band tonite, didn't know
>if they would feature him solo. If you aren't working tonite, watch
>Letterman..Toots is breaking in a fresh restored Toot's harp, watch for
>any closeups to see if my DG label/pitch logo show up on camera....
>Freezing cold here....-10 F tonite...only 10 above all day today. NO
>snow, fine with me. Once we put January behind us things will warm up
>Back to the grind...thanks for the shot in the arm...DICK
>Dick Gardner, ''The Last Harmonicat''
>Remember, life is your dessert first!
>It's not the Lofty Sails that move the ship, but the Unseen Wind...

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