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> Again , dont be concerned with bringing a amp to a jam. it's more hassle
> it's worth.  bring a microphone equipped with a volume knob and if theres
> tube amp there you can give it a try. if not,play thru the p.a. and you
> hone your own natural sound. eventually your tone will begin to fatten up.
> good luck

At SOME jams, yes.  But at a lot of jams, I've been *very* glad that I keep
a 50 watt amp (Music Man 112RD) in the van.  A lot of sound guys won't turn
you up in the mix, and at a lot of jams the amps they have available for
harp are underpowered.

I also carry a silverface Fender Champ.  If they keep the volume reasonable,
the Champ is an excellent amp.  If it gets too loud, I'll just plug the
(homebrew) direct box from the Champ into the Music Man.

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