Re: Turbo lids - Who's using 'em?

Like Ken, I also found them best on my low harps. I have 3 lids on my lowD,
lowEb and G - my low F is a Bushman so it still pings.  I found them a bit
wide  to put deep into my mouth at first, but I am getting used to it now.
Love the sound! Mic'd the low harps sound like trombones sometimes. I just
ordered an AX-s20  because I want to check out the other features.

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> >   Does anyone here on the list use Turbo Lids
> > exclusively?
> Hi,
> I picked one up and really didn't bond with it well
> (just feels kinda awkard to me), so I'm not using
> them exclusively.
> However, I have found that it works wonderfully to
> keep the 1 draw reed on my low-D SP-20 from pinging
> on the inside of the cover plate. So, I am very
> happy to use my Turbo Lid on that harp exclusively.
> Stay well!
> --Ken M.
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