Re: TurboLids - Who's using 'em?

I bought a TurboLid last year at the Buckeye Harmonica 
Festival, and put it on a Low Eb Special 20 when I got home.

I really loved the sound of it !
It helped that the Low Eb Special 20 played great out of the box too!

Later, I ordered a few more and also a couple more Low keyed harps
(F and E--I still need to get a Low D!). 

 I really like the TurboLids with low keyed harps!

They work well on the regular keyed harps too, but I mainly
play Lee Oskars and my custom Bob Meehan Marine bands,
so I'm only using the TuboLids on the low keyed S20's.

I gotta try a TurboHarp AX/S20.

Is the TurboHarp AX available yet ?  Anyone try ?

Its got a TurboComb and TurboReeds and the other AX/S20 TurboStuff.


Ken Hildebrand
Looking forward to the 2003 BHF (I'll show you my TurboBottoms!)

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