Frank (BluesHarpTX) postulates:

> <snip>... I don't see any
> reason why it wouldn't work the same way flipped over into the
> right hand for a left-handed cupper (with the exception of
> possible reed pinging on the low end)...

Actually, there is a very good physical reason based in the science of
acoustics why a Turbolid might not work as well inverted left-to-right on
the comb.  This is one reason I respect Dr. Antaki and his invention so
much.  The top-to-bottom inner dimension of the Turbolids are ~designed~ to
be greater on the "left" end of the harp where the low notes are produced
than the "right" end where the high notes are generated.  In this way, the
T'lids are designed so that the inside dimensions of the cover are "tuned"
to the wavelength of the notes created by the reeds directly beneath them.
Standard Sp-20 covers are of course symmetric from end to end, and aren't
"tuned" in this way.  This "tuning" of their inside dimensions and the
smooth, bell-shaped cross-section of the Turbolid covers are what account
for their enhanced resonance and projection.

Hooray, Dr. Antaki, the "Mr. Wizard" of the harmonica!  Physics in action!


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