RE: Turbolids

M. N. asked:
>   Does anyone here on the list use Turbo Lids exclusively? Just wondering
> what folks' thoughts are on them. I have one and really liked it but ended
> up drifting back to my Marine Bands for one reason or another. I may
> in a few more TLs soon. I wish they'd expand the line to also fit Golden
> Melodies and Hohner MS harps.

I've mentioned this before and I might be the only one you'll hear say it,
but my Turbolids leak pretty badly around the joint between the 'lids and
the combs of the harps.  I have a "deep" embouchure, placing my harp well
inside my lips, even when puckering (an embouchure, incidentally, that I
feel improves my tone markedly).  That joint ends up inside my mouth, and as
a consequence of it's leakage, it robs me of air that would normally pass
through the harp.

This bums me out, as I really do like several features of the 'lids.  They
fit my hands really nicely, they foster great hand effects, and most
importantly, they add a resonant quality not normally produced with stock
SP-20 covers.  They feel good, sound great, and magnify the result of my
hand effects.  Of course, they look really cool, too.  But, leakiness is one
thing I can't tolerate.  I bought a set of three with very nice form-fit
leatherette pouches and quickly installed them on my favorite keyed harps.
I had an immediate appreciation of the benefits of the 'lids, but when I
realized they leaked like they do, my enthusiasm was dampened.  I was able
to improve the seal with several layers of micropore, but that wasn't
completely effective and it was also a big pain.  It wasn't long before the
Turbolids were sitting in the bottom of my harp tool box, and there they

Anyone else have leakage problems with their Turbolids?  Any fixes?

I'm sorry to say that, with the leakage, I won't put them on any, let alone
all of my harps.  :(   I know others disagree.  Seems I recall our local
Harmaniac, Dennis Cooper swears by 'em.  I hope your experience with
Turbolids more closely matches Dennis' than mine.


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