Re: Turbo lids - Who's using 'em?

Hi MN,

Sorry I didn't respond sooner. I had three gigs over the weekend and a bunch 
of pre-surgical appointments yesterday.

I have switched completely over to TurboHarps and TurboLids with Hohner 
Special 20's. (In the keys that TurboHarp AX/S20's are not yet available 
in.) My studio engineer heard the difference in presence and tone as soon as 
I played one in a session. He was so impressed with the difference on tape 
(both clean and "stinky)that he re-recorded all of my lead harmonica parts 
at no extra charge.

I love the AX/S20 and highly recommend that you order on in a commonly used 
key. Form your own opinion, but I love them.

Best Regards,
The Harmaniac? Dennis M. Cooper

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