Re: Amps

On 20/01/03, at 17.10, Linda Delong writes:

> Hi Roy, I've done a lot of jam/sitting in type gigs and in my
> experience your best,most flexible option would be #2.Its usually not too hard to
> plug into a mixer/soundboard (bring all the cords you'll need) and a good
> pre-amp, like the Harp Commander, will give you good tone and projection (CUT)

Concerning the option #2, I would like to recommend the use of a line-out. This is very useful if you're in love with a small amp that can't be heard on the stage (maybe it's the case of your Harmony). Be aware that in amps that come with a factory line-out, this feature take the signal just after the pre-amp section, so it not comprehend the power section, that is a pity, since the nice distortion we love comes from the interaction of these two sections. But here is the nice thing, a line-out after the power tubes is a feature that can be add to each amp very easily. Just two resistor, a pot (and an optional cap). In this way you can deliver to the mixer the same signal you had at your home. And the pot will allow you to avoid your trips to the mixer (or your gestures to its responsible) to increase your level when the guitarists stars turning clockwise their knobs... So you arrive at the jam with your small amp, nobody complains about it since it's so small, and just pass a cable to the sound-man (and ask him to put the harmonica in a stage monitor to hear yourself). Ciao

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