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If you need a 4x10 to be heard over the guitarists then you're not playing
blues, you're playing 'bluz raaaaawk' and need to get out of there fast and
have yourself sterilised to guard against any kind of deterioration in your
musical taste.
Jokes aside - I've been in that situation and nothing kills good harp
phrasing quicker than a loud band. Harp needs space and loud players are
usually busy and tonally stomp all over the midrange. Forget about harp in
that situation.
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>   Date: Mon, 20 Jan 2003 16:36:08 EST
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>Subject: amp
>if your just going to be doing open mic gigs, dont even bother with
>an amp since you will only usually be playing  a couple tunes. just blow
>the p.a. or plug your bullet directly into the p.a.  if you start gigging 
>profesionally you will probablly want to purchase a 4x10 amp to be able to
>herd over those freakin guitar players when you need to. i wouldn't spend a

>fortune on a vintage amp unless money is no object. you can pick up a
>hot rod deville with 4x10's that will do you just fine. hope this helps

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