RE: turbo lids handedness

From: "Rick B" <rick@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: turbo lids handedness
> ...concerning my comparison with the Golden Melody, I meant that
> the basic tone seemed more mellow like that from the plastic of a Golden
> Melody (assuming that's the cause),

OK, I get it now.

> but over and above the basic tone, you
> have a fantastic cupping ability on the Turbolid that you don't have on
> Golden Melody, so it's a quite different experience.
> Concerning the loudness that eveyone else says is more and I said was
> Hmmm.  Maybe it might be safer to go with the majority who said it was
> louder.  I be's no authority.  Maybe there's other factors I'm mushing
> together?

Maybe _subjectively_ the sound is lees strong because of the plastic &
improved seal.
Y'know, like how it's hard to _hear_ your sound objectively, because you're
_playing_it_, and you're also standing _behind_ it.
(Just a theory)

Thanks, Rick. I'm gonna get me some.

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