Re: turbo lids handedness

Frank wrote:
>I don't see any reason why it (the turbolid) wouldn't work the same way
flipped over into the right hand for a left-handed cupper

After reading Frank (BluesHarpTX)'s second post on the subject, I suddenly
understood his idea, and realized, well, he's right.

As designed, the Turbolid is thicker on the left half than on the right
half.  For a person holding it the usual way, the thicker part fits around
the low notes, and the thicker part fits between the thumb and forefinger of
your left hand reeeeeeealy well.

For the "opposite handed people", Frank's idea is to open the lid, rotate
the harp so that the high notes are  in the thick part on the left.  Close
the lid.  Rotate the whole turbolid/harp again so that the thick part is now
on the right.  You will have the low notes on the left and the high notes on
the right.  I just did this with my turbolid.  And now I'm comfortably
holding the turbolid with my right hand, with my thumb comfortably under and
my for finger over the turbolid.  Doing it this way, an "opposite handed
person" could enjoy the benefits of a turbolid.   You would get better wah
wah effects than without the turbolid.

For DL Terry,  concerning my comparison with the Golden Melody, I meant that
the basic tone seemed more mellow like that from the plastic of a Golden
Melody (assuming that's the cause), but over and above the basic tone, you
have a fantastic cupping ability on the Turbolid that you don't have on the
Golden Melody, so it's a quite different experience.

Concerning the loudness that eveyone else says is more and I said was less.
Hmmm.  Maybe it might be safer to go with the majority who said it was
louder.  I be's no authority.  Maybe there's other factors I'm mushing

I do know this. Recording into a sensitive microphone, the only way to
simulate the nearly effortless deep wah wah effect of the turbolid you need
to really stress and hurt your hands.  At least it hurts my hands, when I do
about 20 takes in a row.  That's what I personally love the TurboLid for.

        --Rick B

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