Re: Blues comeback

>Hey, after "Blues hits the mainstream", just think:
>Britteny Spears covers Billie Holliday
>Snoop pays tribute to Muddy & Robt. Johnson
>and some unknown 11-year-old will become "bigger than Little Walter"!
>I can hardly wait!

   YOUR #3 (above) is not at all far fetched. The good (OR bad) thing about
being my age and having been lucky (OR unlucky) enough to have drifted from
town to town and one menial job to another is that I have seen a number of
harp players who are
 #1 NO longer with us.
 #2 ARE (today) considered legends.

  In keeping with your statement #3, I HAD thought that John Popper was a
phenominally fast player whose unique style was such that the only thing
that was going to beat him was TIME (read-old age).

  However, I heard recently that there's a kid (Gt Britain) who can
"Out-Pop" John Popper. Could it be?

  Keep in mind that when these "old masters" were playing, they were
considerd harmonica players, NOT God, NOT Saints, NOT Satan......"Just"
players. Most were not famous till after they died (sort of like the great

  Since no one has (completely) mastered the harp yet, I see no reason why
it can't happen. Not that anyone is looking to de-throne anyone, BUT it
happens every day. That's just life. ANYONE out there can be the next
"Best". Then people can say things like "Hey, that Joe-Blow can really suck
a nose-flute, he makes Sonny-Boy sound like broken glass".

  Every now and then something freaky will happen like the other day I saw
a commercial for an album where "Rod Stewart Sings the Old Classic Love
Songs". Uggggh
I'll just pretend that someone is joking.

 Remember; Don't play harp......let it play

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