Re: Blues comeback

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> Hey, after "Blues hits the mainstream", just think:
> Britteny Spears covers Billie Holliday
> Snoop pays tribute to Muddy & Robt. Johnson
> and some unknown 11-year-old will become "bigger than Little Walter"!
> I can hardly wait!

I can see it now, Rolling Stone will call some kid from 'burbs the next Muddy 
Waters and 3/4 of America will go "Muddy who....?" Blues revival? If that 
means homogenized cheeze-whiz blues artists, then no thanks (think of the 
current crop of popped out "country" artists who have hit the scene- is this 
what we want?). 

What I hope it does is give all those who would dig the music an opportunity 
to hear it. My current belief about the blues is the same about rock' n roll, 
usually when people hear the real thing they like it. Either way I know that 
I will still listen and play the music because I like it, regardless if its 
popular or not.


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