Re: Turbo ELX

The Bernadettes schrieb:
>     I'd like to know if anyone has played through the "electric" Turbo Harp
> prototypes that are on their website.(...)    
> I think this will be the greatest thing in the harmonica
> world when it becomes available...a truly electric harp with out the inherent
> feedback problems of using microphones.

Hi Don,

there must be someone who has played the Turbo ELX, because there are
some soundsamples on the website. ;-)

But - sorry Mr. Turbodog - I think that those samples are rather "poor",
this means: not a good example for the revolutionary concept of this
harp: the playing is quite "slovenly", and too much "playing with the
knobs" of effect devices instead of just demonstrating that it should be
easy to "use" effects in a better way with the ELX. And I am also
missing a demonstration how it works with a tube amp without any
additional effects for a -say- Chicago Sound (only to compare).

But aside of this: I agree with you, that this could be a very
interesting new harp. Especially if you are looking for new sounds for
the harmonica and / or new directions. Maybe I am wrong, but that is the
imagination that I have with the ELX and I think that this should be its
main purpose: new sounds for the harmonica not trying to copy existing
sounds (because they are good the way they are).

I know that I'd need a harp that goes in this direction.


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