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> > hi,
> > it's a long and interesting - although somewhat pointed at times...ha! -
> > discussion re: tone. i'm just wondering if i'm the only person on the
> planet
> > who likes walter horton for other demensions to  his playing in addition
> to
> > his tone? so often when his name is mentioned discussion centers on his
> tone;
> > but, man, i love his phrasing, his choice of notes, and the feelings i
> > when i listen closely to his music. the set of licks in tom ball's book
> re:
> > little walter and walter horton is a master class in so many other
> > about horton's playing than tone only.
> >
> > his stuff is, to my ear, multi-demensional and deserves recognition for
> that,
> > too. i rarely hear his name brought up about anything other than his
> > and, to me, that's a shame. he brought ever more to the blues and the
> harp.
> > thanks,
> Hi,
> Many of the best traditional blues players, including myself, have a VERY
> high regard for Big Walter Horton. When I was on the road with the late,
> great Jimmy Rogers (who himself was a pretty damned good harp player in
> own right, and knew his stuff about harp big time), he used to tell how
> often Big Walter had Little Walter quite a few things about harp playing,
> and Walter would just get mad and walk away, and then later that night on
> the gig, would be playing very stuff Big Walter ad taught him earlier.
> I feel veryu fortunate to have been able to see him many times during the
> 70's, also befriending this man. I can honestly say I learned more about
> tone and tone control from watching Big Walter play than from ALL of the
> recordings I've ever known.
> Even when he was pretty trashed and not "on," his tone control, tonal
> variety, and sense of dynamics were such that at ALL of his gigs here in
> Boston area (which was kind of a second home to him as he'd play this area
> at least 3-4 times a year), you nearly always saw EVERY local harp player
> around giving up gigs just to catch his stuff, and on nights when he was
> REALLY "on," every harp player watching him would have their jaws in the
> floor!
> Sincerely,
> Barbeque Bob Maglinte
> Boston, MA

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