Re: When are the electric ones gonna be on the market?

wmharps@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Don D. wrote:
> >I'd like to know if anyone has played through the "electric" Turbo Harp
> >prototypes that are on their website. Also any ideas on if and when we'll see
> >it on the market? I think this will be the greatest thing in the harmonica
> >world when it becomes available...a truly electric harp with out the inherent
> >feedback problems of using microphones. I'm chomping on the bit waiting for
> >this toy to become available.
> Imagine this innovation combined with the extreme bender.  Oh, this is the time
> to be a harmonica player!  None of this filing reeds with flat bastards and
> poking them with toothpicks.
> -tim

I was thinking the exact same thing myself.

Don D.

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