RE: turbo lids (was: handedness?)

Ben Felten said:
> My impression of the [Turbo-Lid]
> is definetely not that it cuts volume down, on the contrary.
> To me, acoustic projection is slightly better (and cupping a lot more
> efficient) and amplified projection is waaaaaay better !
> Ben FELTEN, Editor

> > Rick B says:
> >
> >... it takes away some loudness and a certain "metallic edge or cut" is
gone .

> > So  if you were playing acoustically without a mic it might dampen the
sound a
> > little too much.  But in most situations you have to be amplified

Y'all have me confused, rattled, confundido....

T-Dog, can you shed any light? I want comfort, accoustic projection, and
mic'd drive (howl, honk, POWER).

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