RE: turbo lids (was: handedness?)

> Rick B says:

>     The turbolids ... do indeed affect the tone in a big way.  It makes
the tone more
> mellow in a way I associate with plastic combs and golden
> melodies.  Also it takes away some loudness and a certain "metallic edge
or cut" is
> gone .

> So  if you were playing acoustically without a mic it might dampen the
sound a
> little too much.  But in most situations you have to be amplified anyway.


I had just decided to buy about 4-7 of those things and some (gulp) SP20s to
go with 'em.

But your'e saying they CUT volume, and sound like a GM? I already play GMs

I thought the whole concept of turbolids was to improve one's cup and
"face-to-harp" airseal- is that so?

I play frequently with accoustic instruments (bass, banjo, fiddle, mando,
guitar) - I NEED all the volume I can get - should I stick with my Golden
Melodys? (Don't EVEN try to tell me to get a HH1896 MB - I don't like the
covers, combs, or diminutive size)

Maybe I should look at 364s...

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