Free Me from Feedback


If you got an "empty" message from me a moment ago, pardon the slip of the

I know I've seen plenty threads on feedback on Harp-L, so rather than
start another one, if anyone would care to reply directly to me at
mike@xxxxxxxxxxxx, that would be cool.

I got to play out with a full band this past weekend, after two years of
woodshedding on other instruments. Got to play harp on several tunes, had
a wonderful time. However, I was playing through a Sure SM58 cuz that's
the mic I had bought years ago as a vocal mic. I'm also playing through an
effects pedal to add some overdrive to get a good rock tone. During the
sound check, I sounded real good, very happy with my sound and level. Once
I joined the band during the second set, and started playing, it became
evident that they'd all turned up a bit during the first set, leaving me
woefully in the basement. The guitarist bumped me up in the mix the best
he could once my first solo hit, but there were some feedback issues. I
tried to keep my mic pointing away from the monitors, and that helped, but
it was a bit of an annoyance having that running through my mind while
trying to also focus on playing.

A couple of years ago, I had bought one of those hand-held harp mics
(forget the name, the kind that fit into your palm) but ended up selling
it on ebay cuz I wanted a mic to double for vocals.

So, with that said, can anyone recommend a mic that will help me reduce
stage feedback that can also serve as a good vocal mic? Not interested in
any vintage mics or limited-purpose mics. Thanks in advance.

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