Re: tone and walter horton

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>hi, it's a long and interesting - although somewhat pointed at times...ha!
>-  discussion re: tone. i'm just wondering if i'm the only person on the
>planet  who likes walter horton for other demensions to  his playing in
>addition to  his tone? so often when his name is mentioned discussion
>centers on his tone;  but, man, i love his phrasing, his choice of notes,
>and the feelings i get  when i listen closely to his music. the set of
>licks in tom ball's book re:  little walter and walter horton is a master
>class in so many other things  about horton's playing than tone only.
>his stuff is, to my ear, multi-demensional and deserves recognition for
>that,  too. i rarely hear his name brought up about anything other than
>his tone,  and, to me, that's a shame. he brought ever more to the blues
>and the harp. thanks,  ===================================== Que se puede
>hacer -- Vadie...

  It's all Mojo-Red's fault. At the end of all his messages he has a statement
 the first thing you think about is his tone..that big, fat, tone. So what
I think happened is that everyone reads it and just stops

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