Re: Blues comeback

>The year of the Blues. Blues gets FAMOUS!
>Soon the blues will be widely known & loved by everybody!
>Could this be THE END of the Blues???
>-Just look what it did to Rock & Roll.
>And Jazz.

   ANOTHER good thread from DL Terry. So what happens when the blues gets
 1.   Good for the performers
 2.   Bad for the spectators.

  First the performers. When blues gets famous, those little dives will
become posh
cabarets & supper clubs. They will be fighting for players and so the PAY
will go up as competition increases. Also, whistle stopping at little
bistros scattered all
over the map will decrease and players will "settle" in to more stable gigs
(week at a time or more). Not as many one-nighters. Income will allow an
occasional night off or break. I could go on & on, but I won't

  Secondly the spectator/enthusiast. Prices will go up. No more
drafts..bottles only (AND pricey). Three drink min. will be
the norm. No need to worry about the fact that 3 drinks will put a 150
pounder "Over the top" (leagally speaking). The drinks will be weak enough
so as to make THIS factor moot.

  On the good side, there will be hat-check girls so the risk of having
one's leather car coat will be lessened.

  This Blues revival kick isn't something that they have been working on
for a LONG time. It is (fairly) recent and someone "Just" noticed that
theres a buck in it. It wouldn't surprise me if some of the ideas didn't
come from THIS list. IF they find out that people will pay the prices to
enjoy this type of music, it will flourish. They found it didn't work for
Polka music. Blues are a lot like Polka music in a way. They have a limited
  100,000 singles would be Gold (normally it takes 1,000,000)
  100,000 albums would be Platinum "   "   "   "   "   "   "

  There are 1300+ "readers" here and some may be (possibly) as they say in
Scotland Yard "Taking this down as evidence to be used at a later date".
Every time you post a PEARL, someone out there can use
it................just MY 34.5 Lire.....smokey

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