A few weeks ago I bought my first tube amp...a Harmony H303.  The only 
other amp I played through much was a Danelectro Dirty 30.  Let me say 
first that the Hamrony is WAY better than the Danelectro.  This is 
mainly because IMHO the Danelectro positively sucks for harp.  There was 
so little headroom in the volume adjustment that I couldn't even TOUCH 
the dirty-sweet knob without getting feedback.  All this with my JT-30 
which has the lowest output of the three mics I own.  To be fair, a 
friend of mine now has it, and loves it's tone for guitar.

Back to the Harmony:  The headroom is perfect for me...feeds back at 
nearly full volume with my JT-30, and around 70% volume with my Green 
Bullet.  The volume is just right for my apartment.  The tube distortion 
sounds sweet a good ways before feedback (but extra nice nearer to 
feedback).  The only complaint I have is that the lower notes "bark" 
quite a bit.  Probably because of the 6 inch speaker.  

For the price (I got it and a CM Green Bullet for 275 $Cdn) it's a nice 
practice amp, and just what I need for my apartment.

I have some questions about gigging amps.  In particular, I'm trying to 
figure out what I should buy to be ready to play open stages.  I've been 
to a few (as a listener only), and most of the ones I've been to dont 
have a harp player in the host band, so you dont have a harp-friendly 
rig ready to go.  There are a few options I can think of.

1)  Buy an amp big enough to cut through the mix.  I expect I'd need 
about 40 watts or more.  These jams are too freakin' loud.  Pros:  Get 
to buy cool gear, become self-sufficient.  Cons:  heavy and expensive.

2)  Buy a pre-amp (or tube amp with line-out), and try to plug into the 
soundboard at a jam.  Pros:  cheaper, still get to control my amp tone. 
 Cons:  how easy is it to get a line to the soundboard at a jam?

3)  Learn to play into vocal mics well, and show up with just harps. 
 Pros:  cheapest lightest, easiest option.  Cons:  Vocal mics seem less 
forgiving than harp mics for finger and breat noises.  I need all the 
help I can get masking my crappy tone and technique.

4)  Bring a small/mid sized amp early, have them mic it at sound check, 
and let anyone who want's to blow harp use my gear.  Pros:  Get to use 
whatever gear I like best.  Cons:  sound guys and/or host band may not 
be into this.

Those of you with open stage/sitting in experience, what are your thoughts?

Roy G

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