tone and walter horton

it's a long and interesting - although somewhat pointed at times...ha! - 
discussion re: tone. i'm just wondering if i'm the only person on the planet 
who likes walter horton for other demensions to  his playing in addition to 
his tone? so often when his name is mentioned discussion centers on his tone; 
but, man, i love his phrasing, his choice of notes, and the feelings i get 
when i listen closely to his music. the set of licks in tom ball's book re: 
little walter and walter horton is a master class in so many other things 
about horton's playing than tone only. 

his stuff is, to my ear, multi-demensional and deserves recognition for that, 
too. i rarely hear his name brought up about anything other than his tone, 
and, to me, that's a shame. he brought ever more to the blues and the harp.

Que se puede hacer --

pessimists have a more accurate view of the world,
but optimists get all the work done...

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