Date: Mon, 20 Jan 2003 12:56:38 US/Central

Chris wrote:
>OK, try number one failed, but I felt like I was pretty close. I replaced a 
>2 draw reed on a D Golden Melody with a 2 draw from another D GM. I used a 
>machinist V block and knocked out the old rivet with the end of a tiny drill 
>bit. When I set the new reed in there, I couldn't get the rivet to seat 
>firmly and the reed would move around a bit as I tuned it. Maybe I need a 
>new rivet or a tiny sheet metal screw as opposed to the rivet. Any helpful 
>hints? One interesting note is I found an ancient D GM from before they held 
>the reed plates in with screws. The rivets were slightly bigger in size.

You can use screws to set new reeds, and some people prefer that.  I prefer to 
use rivets as they are faster.  You can set the new rivet by tapping the 
reverse side of it (opposite the head) with something that will flare it 
slightly.  Or you can try just tapping it down a little harder from the top, 
that usually works pretty well.  

Remarkably, those nailed GMs are not that "ancient".  Hohner didn't return to 
using screws in the GM until the mid-90s.  I hadn't noticed the rivets being 
any different in size.

- -tim

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