turbo lids handedness?

    fjm wrote:

>Am I wrong about this or are the Turbo lids essentially right handed?

    Turbolids are indeed designed for holding in the left hand and cupping
with the right.  If you do it the other way, then the magic goes away and
they become as awkward as an ordinary harp.

    The turbolids really have to be experienced to be believed.  Also the
covers do indeed affect the tone in a big way.  It makes the tone more
mellow in a way I associate with plastic combs and golden melodies.  Also it
takes away some loudness and a certain "metallic edge or cut" is gone .  So
if you were playing acoustically without a mic it might dampen the sound a
little too much.  But in most situations you have to be amplified anyway.

    I wonder what a Turbolid would sound like if it was made of metal?

    Also, as a disclaimer, I do have an affiliation with Prof Turbodog
because he donated a bunch of turbolids to use as prizes in my current harp
jam www.bluesharp.org/jam.html which is ending on Feb 1.  Come and vote and
help the best harp player win!

        --Rick B

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