Re: turbo lids handedness?

Actually,  I just flipped my turbolid equipped 'A' harp over (my turbolid'ed 'G' is not here for me to test) and gave the 1 hole a pretty hard attack on both blow and draw.  Result: no reed pinging on the lid.  I suppose others might have different results but it is worth a try.

Also, related to the thread on 'practicing on the move', if you tightly cup a turbolid (which is designed to optimize your cup seal) and use your cheek to block the high holes you can *really* smother the volume of the harp.  I haven't tested how the volume might vary as your move higher on the harp and expose lower holes.  My USD $.02.


On 20 Jan 2003, "Lists", then Tim Bennett wrote:
> >
> > > Am I wrong about this or are the Turbo
> > > lids essentially right handed? fjm
> >
> >  From memory, it seems to me they are
> >  symetric, but I could be wrong. If
> I'm
> > right, you just have to mount them upside
> > down and you're set ! .com
> No, that will not work. The left side is
> larger to reduce reed interrference. If you
> turn them around you will get major reed
> interference...
> Tim Bennett Indianapolis, IN

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